Our Story

Women in the Cape winelands are standing up to be counted, and are now producing their own wine, bottled under the label Women in Wine. Women in Wine is South Africa’s first black owned company with women that have experience and skills in marketing, wine analysis, finance, development and training, and social responsibility, the one thing the partners all had in common was that they all "enjoy a glass of quality wine. "To date, women have made a significant contribution to the Cape's wine industry without receiving recognition or benefiting from the industry's business opportunities," says Beverly Farmer, a founder member and the chief executive. The company has several unique features that includes:

  • Skills development through collaboration – identifying skills, training opportunities and partnering with other organizations
  • A Women's Workers' Trust has been set up, which has shares in the company.
  • Women in Wine work closely with the South African Wine Industry Trust. This trust aims to restructure the wine industry to represent the interests of farm workers, by building a shared consciousness through providing information, platforms for dialogue, education and co-ordination, and by promoting ethical trading.
  • Women in Wine are a founder member of the African Vintner Alliance, a joint action group established for the growth of black businesses in the wine industry.
  • The group has found a ready overseas market for its product. The wines are exported to the US, China, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Denmark, and are available locally in Makro stores nationwide.

The company was established without the huge capital investment needed for a traditional vineyard with rows of vines stretching into the distance, and a vast cellar. Instead, it has entered into partnerships with existing cellars, as well as with bottling and packaging companies, to produce its wine.