News: Beverly Farmer Inspiring Woman of the Month

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Beverly Farmer Inspiring Woman of the Month

Source: Inspiring Women

With a career in marketing and media, Beverly Farmer is the co-founder and CEO of Women in Wine. This position sees her at the controls of driving the company vision of being a recognised wine producing company that is owned and controlled by women.

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Combining her skills for developing strategy, a people’s person with excellent marketing and communication skills makes her hands on leader who has basically been involved in every project the company has undertaken.

Beverly’s passion for the empowerment and upliftment of women started when she worked at a NGO and met the most amazing women who are committed to the development of their community by establishing crèches and youth development programs, amongst others.

These women give unconditionally of themselves to their community without ever expecting something in return and in most cases without the assistance of the owner of the farm.

Beverly’s career highlights are numerous and she has held various positions within the wine industry. Her comprehensive knowledge of business systems and a natural entrepreneurial flair resulted in the company’s growth and success. She is most proud of the Women in Wine’s recognition as candidate of the drinks business Magazine (UK) for the Ethical Trade Business Award in 2009

A mentor by nature, one of Beverly’s strengths is her ability to recognize and develop the often-untapped potential within others. She thrives on transferring her skills and knowledge, seeing people grow to their full ability, embracing their differences and finding common ground and goals.

Beverly, we salute you!